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Past Events & Recordings

Thank you for checking in with Boo812! If you have attended a Ghost Hunting 101, Paranormal Experience Event,  seen us at the Witches Markets, here is where you can find your follow up information! 

November 2022 - Ghost Hunting 101

EVP & Estes Session are up on Youtube for your review! 

Shared Office

October 2022- Ghost Hunting 101

Here are the Youtube Links for review of the October Ghost Hunting 101 EVP & Estes Method! 

Modern Workers

Winner of 2022 Raffle - Amanda King

Huge congrats to Amanda for winning our Ghost Hunting Gear Raffle at the Witches Market at Common Haus! You rock, Amanda! 

Common Haus Market and the Boo812 table
Raffle Winner Amanda King
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