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The BooBaes

The Story of Boo812

Each of us have been involved in the paranormal in some capacity since the early 00s! Somehow, some stars aligned and we all crossed paths in Southern Indiana through an academic paranormal research group. Katie Jo, Kristen, and Courtney have been doing paranormal research and odd experiments since 2015 together.  Kristen and Katie Jo have been researching together since 2013.

We have experienced many things beyond our understanding and skepticisms. Many members of the community have expressed a want to try out paranormal investigations or stick a toe in the waters of liminality without being alone, joining an expensive group of strangers, or simply wanting to be in a safe space to express the odd things that have happened to them.

Each of us bring unique strengths to the field.  We continue to do private residence, commercial, and public investigations. Ghost Hunting 101s will resume in September. Katie Jo tells local haunted history stories on TikTok and Instagram, and Courtney has an amazing live stream about parapsychology and historical accounts of paranormal occurrences.  In 2021, we decided to leave the group we were formerly with to bring more woo to you! We started Boo812 together in 2022, and have since been hosting Ghost Hunting 101 courses at Raven's Roost Boutique in New Albany, and are now assisting in two TV series, New Blood TV and Inhuman Beings.  

If you are looking to connect, please use our social media listed below our names! We are excited to investigate with you, and can't wait to show you all the great events we have coming up! 

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