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Haunted 502 - Louisville, KY

Waverly Hills

We couldn't start with any other location. A former tuberculosis hospital turned into a novelty but legitimate haunted tourist location. Waverly Hills offers tours year round, and operates a novelty haunted house in the Halloween Season.  If you are looking to do an over night investigation, we recommend the off Halloween season.  Courtney was a guest speaker at Waverly Hills with the 2023 Strange Escapes conference.  We routinely get questions about Waverly and cannot recommend it enough! Even if you only get to do the 2 hour historical tour, it is so worth the visit.  They do book up pretty quickly though, so if you are coming to Louisville, you may want to book your tour as soon as you know! Bonus points if you visit at night during a thunderstorm.  The gargoyles look significantly cooler that way  

This is one location where we have photo phenomena. We typically operate with a "when in doubt, throw it out," philosophy when it comes to "evidence" collection.  Katie caught a strange photo here on the 5th floor that just befuddles us.  We also were trained to always take 2 photos just in case we catch something on one and need a control photo without the phenomena in it.  That's what we caught here.  Check out Instagram photos for the image of the 2 doorways and tell us what you think.

Phenomena Reported: Psychokinesis, EVP, high EMF, Low EMF, Temperature fluctuations, audible voices, shadow people, full apparitions, photographic anomalies, and partial apparitions.

Clicking this photo will take you to Waverly's Website. 


St. Martin of Tours 

Saint Martin of Tours is a 24/7 doors open Catholic Church on South Shelby Street.  While the beliefs do not represent what we at Boo502 believe, they are a popular tourist destination due to their guests beside the alter.

St. Martin of Tours is home to two special skeletal martyrs just aside the alter.  Regardless of your religious belief, anyone is welcome to come visit St. Magnus, and St. Bonosa. Can't make it to Louisville to visit? Check out the link to their church by clicking the photo below. We also wrote a blog post on other displayed dead in Louisville. Check out our blog "Have You Seen Shery?" for more information on where to find them.


Seelbach Hotel 

Gangster tunnels, a Lady in Blue, and death pelicans (Yeah, we were confused too).  The Seelbach is one of the oldest hotels in the city and was rated one of the 27 Most Haunted Hotels in the US.  We have not investigated this location as a group, but a couple of us have stayed here for fun!

Free tours are held daily, but call the lobby for more details on this location. We do still recommend tipping your tour guide! 


University of Louisville - The Whole Dang Campus

Katie Jo leads the haunted tours of University of Louisville around Halloween.  By gathering stories from the achieves and speaking to staff, faculty, and even the famous Tom Owens, the resident historian on campus, there is enough content and stories across the campus from dorms to lab rooms to fill 2 hours of time.  This tour previously was only provided to Louisville Society for Human Resource Management members and to the Women's Network on campus as a Fall event.  However, turnouts for tours were so successful, we will begin offering them upon request. 

If you are considering becoming a student at UofL, be on the lookout for some unique course offerings about the paranormal.  There are classes dedicated to Yokai, Honors Courses about critiquing TV Ghost Hunters, and there is even active research on Near Death Experiences on the Health Science Campus.

For Reported Phenomena about a specific area of campus, please reach out via our contact form.   We will post haunted tours of campus dates as we decide when to do them! 


Literally All of Old Louisville

Have you seen a leaping gargoyle man? Maybe a figure peeping out of a 3rd floor window in an Old Louisville residence? How about that eerie feeling that someone is watching you from just out of your sight?  

Old Louisville is one of the most beautiful and most haunted areas of the United States.  We love to hype up other organizations who have the same passions, and the Old Louisville Historic Tours are going to be your best source of information on this area.  The link on this photo will take you to Louisville Ghost Tours' page where you can purchase tickets.  

But if you want to take a walk around town without a tour, we suggest dropping by the Witches Tree and Birdie and Vi's for a cool antiquing experience. The Louisville Oddfellows Lorraine Lodge #4 is also located down at the corner of 4th and Lee.  The Oddfellows are an interesting and secretive organization dedicated to charity and uplifting the local community through philanthropy.  Katie Jo is an Oddfellow. We can't tell you more than that due to the whole secret society thing, but our game nights are pretty fun! 

Tell them we said hi and that we love what they do! 

Old Louisville.jpg

Cave Hill Cemetery

Listen, to be real with you, we don't have any reports of hauntings of Cave Hill Cemetery.  We can, however, recommend it as a beautiful stop on your creepy journey through Louisville. Notable residents of this sprawling cemetery are Muhammad Ali, George Rogers Clark, Colonel Sanders, and many many many more. 

Even if history and visiting burial sites isn't your thing, Cave Hill is notably beautiful.  The Temple of Aphrodite is a marble structure located in the cemetery and many poets visit this site specifically for peaceful contemplation. 

The scariest thing we've heard about this cemetery is about the geese. Please be respectful of all guidelines when visiting Cave Hill. They are a true gem of the city of Louisville and offer historic walking and golf cart tours. 

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