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Upcoming Events

Boo 812 has been hard at work on a couple big projects in the area! So why have we been so quiet? 

Currently, we are preparing for the Spooky Season! We are lining up several events in the Kentuckiana areas partnering with some favorite local organizations. 

As a teaser - one of these exciting events will be in between Indiana and Kentucky. We live for the liminal!

Below you'll find that the crew from Boo812 are going to be featured in a paranormal TV series hosted by a Louisville Local and amazing podcaster, Fen Alankus of the Follow the Woo Podcast. If you're joining us after the live stream, welcome! 

New Blood/Inhuman Beings
TV Series Ft. Boo812

Our friends over at the Follow the Woo Podcast have invited Boo812 to participate in an episode of their new project! This is an amazing Crew of Woo and explores the paranormal field in a refreshing way that no other paranormal series has done before.  The best part? Over half the cast is connected to or lives in Louisville! This is a local paranormal dream come true, and we are asking supporters of Boo812 to support this kickstarter! 

We're in a Book!

Katie Jo and Courtney both have articles in the newly released Feminine Macabre Volume 5! If you're interested in spooky nonfiction topics by spooky women and non-binary authors, shoot us a message on Instagram or Facebook! We'd love to get you a copy! It's $20 per book while supplies last! 

Our Why

Boo 812 is here to connect you to the woo! 

Approximately 70% of Americans believe in some sort of paranormal activity.


Boo812 strives to empower you to do your own investigations, experimentation, and historical research surrounding the experiences in the big world of woo through classes, events, and conversations between Boo812 members and the public experiencing the phenomenon.


 Whether you are interested in haunt phenomena, ESP, Psychokinesis, or crypids, we want to help you get the best evidence possible with the tools you have on hand. Contrary to popular TV, you do not need to be an expert, degreed researcher, or even have expensive gear to engage with the world of the paranormal.  

Boo 812 also occasionally does investigations of residential and private locations depending on the evidence presented to us. We have several investigations planned for 2023, and will be hosting seasonal courses and events at Raven's Roost Boutique! 

Boo 812 is an initiative started by 3 veteran paranormal researchers with over 25 years of combined years of research in the paranormal. Boo 812 members have branched out from strict academic peer- reviewed data collection based research initiatives to bring the woo to you through true local stories, community events, and classes you can attend to lean how to do your own research. 

We encourage you to share your woo with us! Please reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok to tell us what's happened to or around you!


Instagram: Boo_812_502

TikTok: CritterOrCryptid

Facebook: Boo812 

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