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Are you drawn to the unknown? Fascinated by the unexplained? Then mark your calendars for an extraordinary journey into the paranormal!

Explore a Realm of Possibilities:

Connect with fellow enthusiasts of the occult, ghost hunting, UFOs, and all things otherworldly!

Discover eerie artifacts, mystical merchandise, and one-of-a-kind treasures from our vendors. Engage with renowned speakers sharing their insights and experiences in the realm of the supernatural. Immerse yourself in illuminating workshops, where secrets of the paranormal will be unveiled. And for the daring, experience the thrill of our exclusive late-night haunt, where spirits may roam!

Whether you're a seasoned investigator or a curious seeker, Midwest BooFEST 2024 welcomes all who dare to explore beyond the veil!


Tickets :

  • Adults $20 @ the door / $15 in advance

    • $10 streaming only option for those who can't attend in person!​

  • Children under 12 FREE!

Would you like to be a Vendor or Speaker at this year's MidWest BooFEST?
Reach out to us at! We'd love to have you! 

Ft. Headliner: Jessica Knapik

Boo 812 & Boo502 are here to connect you to the world of woo! 
We lead haunted tours, host Paranormal 101 courses, and host custom events based in real academic research and haunted history for your family, friends, and colleagues! 

Approximately 70% of Americans believe in some sort of paranormal activity.

Boo 812 is an initiative started by 3 veteran paranormal researchers with over 25 years of combined years of research in the paranormal field. Boo812 strives to empower you to do your own investigations, experimentation, and historical research surrounding the experiences in the big world of woo through classes, events, and conversations between Boo812 members and the public experiencing the phenomenon.

Boo 812 also occasionally does investigations of residential and private locations depending on the evidence presented to us. We have several investigations planned for 2024, and will be hosting seasonal courses and events at Raven's Roost Boutique and in partnership with other organizations around the 812 and 502! 

We encourage you to share your woo with us! Please reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok to tell us what's happened to or around you!

Check out our Estes Session and ChatGPT Adventure Horror Story on Louisville Ale Trail's Podcast! 

New Blood & Inhuman Beings
TV Series Ft. Boo812

New Blood Universe logo with UFO and purple moon

Our friends over at New Blood Universe have invited Boo812 to participate in their new project! The best part? Over half the cast is connected to or lives in Louisville! 

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