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Welcome to Boo812

Boo812 has been a brain child of mine for a few years, but 2022, in all of it's chaotic glory, has proven to be the right time to launch. So, let me introduce myself. I'm Katie Jo. I'm a paranormal researcher who has been on over 20 investigations in the last decade. I have a BA in Communication, am currently working on my MBA, and I work at a local University. When I was in my undergrad days, I took a mind changing course on Parapsychology and visited the staple research institutes across the country, including the Rhine Institute from Duke University where the pioneering studies in PK, ESP, and Remote Viewing gained some serious traction. Since then, I have participated in academic research of the paranormal, coding field footage, listening to hours of EVP audio from investigations, written research papers for my other courses, and for some additional fun, read hundreds of peer reviewed research papers on psychokinesis, haunt phenomenon, ESP, Reiki, Qi Gong, remote viewing, and other documentable taboo topics in research. Some of it is pseudo-science. Some of the critiques are pseudo-skeptical. But there is some compelling research from all around the globe that SOMETHING is happening. I even traveled to France in 2017 and had a wonderful experience of meeting with the Musee de Vampire founder to discuss day-to-day occultism in our Western Civilization. (Seriously, if you go to France and don't visit Jacques Sirgent, you're missing out.) While I appreciate and love the research side, there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of being in the field doing investigations, working with the PK Equipment, and talking to people about the unsettling and strange things they've experienced and witnessed. Sitting behind a computer screen reading about other people's experiences is all fine, but getting together with a group, turning the lights off, and really witnessing the strange things that happen if we let them is where I, personally, prefer to be. So, in comes Boo812.

After almost a decade in the field and 20 years of being the kid obsessed with psychic and paranormal stuff, it's time to spread the passion to the community. Since moving to Southern Indiana in 2010, I've hosted and been a tour guide on tours of Jeffersonville, IU Southeast, and now across the river in Louisville. I've spoken to countless families who have experienced disembodied hands, healing springs, their names being called in the night, people who have seen full confederate and union soldiers walk across the street, shadow people, and full on apportation of objects that should not be and were not present before. Restaurants in the area have described ice scoops being launched across the room, and footage from investigations I participated in data collection from Mitchell to Jeffersonville revealed giant balls of lightning snapping in front of my former team, PK of balls and dolls, and photos of 8 foot tall shadow figures in hallways where nobody was around. You may say to yourself, "This sounds insane, none of this is ACTUALLY happening," and that's why we need your input too, especially if you have a background in physicals sciences, engineering, architecture, psychology, neurology, etc. This website will serve as a welcome place to bring your experiences and as a place to find resources on how to explore the wonderful world around you.

I want to hear your stories. If you are wondering what your 2 year old is talking to, give us a call and me and a group of researchers will give you a no-religion added investigation. It's fair to say that science has not discovered everything, and every day we discover new species, new phenomenon, and new ways to measure things we thought we knew. Medical breakthroughs happen all the time, and to be honest, we aren't sure if some of this paranormal stuff people encounter is coming from within us as humans, or external to us in the form of folkloric entities, nature related experiences, or whatever. No one has made that formal final call yet, but there is quite a bit of academic research that has been done for around 100 years now on things we didn't know our minds and bodies could do. (See: Poltergeists, PK, Remote Viewing CIA studies)

We will not tell you it's a ghost of your great aunt or a demon from the 5th sphere, because seriously, who REALLY knows what is causing these phenomena? I mean it could be, but we have no way of confirming one way or another. We do not know for sure what any of this actually is, just that it's happening, and anyone who claims that something is a demon, angel, or ghost is telling you from their own reference points and points of religious knowledge what they think (And they're generally not familiar with the ancient folklores of the ground their feet are on). Maybe they're right, and aunt Mildred is leaving upside down pennies as a form of communication, but they cannot know for absolutely sure. What we can tell you is if it's of known science, or if it's worth looking into further. What we do know is that life is stranger than fiction. There are things we just don't know yet, but we'd love to find out. Impossible things happen.

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