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Top 3 Woo Woo Places in Southern Indiana

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Woo woo is used as a term of endearment for the sake of this posting. As a paranormal enthusiast and researcher for the last 9 years, I have had the wonderful privilege of ending up at some pretty neat places across the 812 with some of my friend and team. None of these locations have in any way asked me to mention them, and quite frankly, with the new launch of Boo812, they probably don't know we exist! However, the staff and volunteers at the following locations have been absolutely delightful to work with and be around, and I will 10/10 recommend visiting them! 1. The Whispers Estate Mitchell, Indiana (Totally in the 930 area code, but within a drivable distance for us in the 812 and 502)

Ok so listen. I typically do not recommend going to the highly publicized, tourist trap locations. BUT after being to this particular location about 8 times in the last few years with an academic research team, I cannot say enough positive words about this location. I like to think of myself as a hopeful skeptic, but the evidence we have collected and that our former team published academic research articles on from this location is just undeniable. Like, even if you don't buy into the whole "It's a ghost/demon/tulpa/creepy critter," the evidence we have caught here since 2013 has been just plain STRANGE. Now, when I say we were an academic research team investigating this location, I mean a team of about 10 of us gave this place the full up and down, set up lab quality stationary cameras with a DVR System that recorded every room from multiple angles. We had at least stationary recorders in every room, did a deep investigation to make sure there weren't any trick set ups or speakers or any way the owners could manipulate our data, and we rigged the heck out of this 3 story location. Each time I've been there, we've done a full night there from 7 or 8pm to 5 am the next morning. I first investigated The Whispers as a college student in a parapsychology course. That night, we got nothing. When I stuck around and went back for a second time with the academic team, me and two other team members were set up for an EVP Session in Rachel's room on the 2nd floor. The story goes that Rachel was the daughter of the house and her dress caught fire from a candle on the Christmas tree one Christmas season. Read more about her on their website. She passed away from her injuries two days later. One of the honorary things that investigative teams do for this particular spirit/entity/ghost/presence is bring dolls for her to play with. So there are dozens of dolls in this room. We painstakingly went through all of them to make sure no motion sensor dolls could be triggered while we were investigating. We removed batteries. We turned off all the baby dolls with switches, and we placed them all on the complete opposite side of the room from the bed we were sitting on to investigate.

Whether this "presence" is a ghost of a little girl or a tulpa created by so many teams buying into the lore, this room has not disappointed in the many years we've been there. I can't get to all of the weird occurrences that have happened to us in this room, but I can tell you about the most memorable one.

We had 2 cameras on the 3 of us investigating. All 3 of us were sitting on the bed. We had 2 halfway deflated beach balls on the headboard of the bed. We shook the heck out of the bed we were on to make sure that even if one of us kicked the heck out of the footboard or headboard, those balls would not fall. All of the testing is on camera. Those balls were not moving no matter what we did to them.

(The attached video isn't the best quality, but it's from an iPhone from 2015 recording a DVR system on evidence review night. So we do have the footage stored somewhere in much better quality, I just do not have it. I am the face to the left of the ball) So we start the EVP session by asking basic questions, continue questioning for about 15-20 minutes, and it gets to that awkward point where nothing has happened. We are sitting in a dark room full of dolls talking to the air on camera. Our friends at basecamp set up in the dining room know absolutely nothing is happening. Then, I ask "if something is in this room with us, can you make something happen. Give us a sign you're here, please." About 3 seconds pass and the ball closest to me falls TOWARD me onto the bed, then falls off. (SEE: Above Video) So obviously we jump out of our skin, stay still per our team protocol but panicked, and the lead investigator comes up to reset and see if one of us could have made it happen. We couldn't recreate it after a solid 10 minutes of trying. Lead investigator goes back to base camp. The three of us get back on the bed and start the EVP session again.

Because I had asked the question that instigated the event, I asked the first question again once our nerves were calmed and we started questions again. Y'all... "If whoever made the ball fall off the bed is still in this room, please let us know you're still here." - A baby doll laughs from across the room. Completely unprovoked and untriggerable - We scream because wth - Lead investigator comes up the stairs to escort us down to basecamp

As we are exiting the room, all 3 of us hear an audible movie zombie-esque moan. With our ears. This was not an EVP, BUT we did catch it on one recorder. (SEE: Video below)

However, when we replayed the recorder the next day, what we heard when we heard it sounds more like Chewbacca than anything else. To this day, we have no clue what made that noise. It was not caught on the EVP recorders in Rachel's rooms with the dolls, so it couldn't have been a doll. It was caught on one recorder in the room adjacent to Rachel's room that was completely empty and had nothing that could make that sort of noise in it. Give it a listen. We couldn't recreate this noise either. After that night, we caught quite a few EVPs, our cameras caught PK activity when we were not even in the house, and we have had more experiences here than any other place combined.

10/10 Will be going again. Send a message if you want to go with. We'd love to share the experience.

2. Raven's Roost Boutique

New Albany, Indiana (a.k.a The Creepiest City in Indiana) Seriously, y'all, the owner of this store is one of the most delightful witches I've ever met. I don't know if you're aware of the "Creepy Come Up" in New Albany, Indiana, but this needs to be known, supported, and cherished. Not only do we have the Wicked Walks and Odd Shop, one of the best farmer's markets in the state, and some of the best restaurants in all of Indiana, but we have this gem of a woo woo haven. I don't think I've gone 2 weeks without vising this shop since they opened in another location in downtown New Albany. Can't make it in person? Check out their online stores. The owner has done an amazing job of networking with the local woo woos, spiritualists, witches, and other vendors to create a safe haven for all practitioners of all backgrounds. From a wall of herbs to candles for every purpose, to teen nights, craft classes, and the oh so anticipated Witch's Ball, Raven's Roost has been a staple of the area since getting a brick and mortar location. There are pop up events occasionally showcasing local artists, aura photographers, tarot readers, and all sorts of magical people. Fun Fact: I had a really cool dream about Annie and I fighting zombies in the pond across from my childhood house together. She's so cool in real life, you'll love her. If you're up to a day trip for checking out New Albany's Creepy Scene one weekend, I would love to make some recommendations. Start your morning with a coffee from Mickey's Uptown Bookstore and Café. Enjoy the Farmer's Market and the live music or variety of family friendly events on Saturday from 10-12. Take a walk up on the Greenway and admire the view of the Ohio River. Make an appointment at the Stained Glass museum or go through the free Carnegie Center for Art and History exhibits. If you're more into illusion magic than metaphysical magic, stop in J&B Magic Shop & Theater for a magic show or to discover your new life as a magician. Then head over to Raven's Roost for a hint of the metaphysical and spiritual and witchy world. If you're feeling like lunch or dinner by this time, head on over to Pints & Union, which is undeniably one of the coolest bars of the city even for those of us who don't drink. If the sun is starting to set around this time, swing on over to the Odd Shop for a glimpse of vintage weird world and excellent collection of clothes, old games, and trinkets you wouldn't typically find in your average thrift store. And of course, there is us, Boo812. We're operating from New Albany too! 3. The Falls of the Ohio State Park Clarksville, Indiana So this one may not have crossed anyone's mind for this list, but in my personal opinion, anytime you're walking over the fossilized corpses of creatures that have been dead for thousands of years, you are going to score creepy points. And you can take a fossil bed discovery tour across the park when the water is low. This location is free to visit as a park and is tons of fun for families, couples, and singles in the area. The Interpretive Center does have an entry fee, but is relatively newly renovated and has an amazing aesthetic. Not only does it appeal to the kiddos from an educational perspective, there are several societies that host their meetings at the Falls Interpretive Center, and the bird watching area is a great location for any and all bird enthusiasts or birders passing through the area. The Falls has two modes. Fossil bed or River Rapids. There are few things scarier than hearing the sirens indicating that the Dam is about to open, then watching brave kayakers paddle against the McAlpine Dam's 15 foot waves. The Falls can be the home of still water magic or the nightmarish but strikingly beautiful Class 4 or Class 5 rapids. In 2021, the Falls hosted an eerie sensory art experience by Annie Mitchell titled LightFall: Aleuria. I can't post the pictures here, but please go visit the website and Instagram pages for this! Y'all, the Falls at night is one magical meditative place, but when you add an immersive light, sound, and sensory event into the mix when it is completely dark, this state park transforms into a fantasy world for everyone who walked through the gates. While this event did come and go in September of 2021, I'm holding onto hope that we get a return of this event. It was breathtaking! Well, that's my top 3, but I'd love to hear your input! Are there locations that Boo812 should visit and experience the woo? Warning: Potentially You: But Boo812, you left out the Witches Castle! Why didn't it make the list? Us: We did that on purpose. Absolutely do not go there. You will be trespassing. It is a dangerous location under police surveillance, and you will be escorted out of that property by police officers. We do not condone visiting locations that are illegal to visit. Just as a heads up, this includes cemeteries. If you are visiting cemeteries after dusk in this state and there are not posted hours indicating that you may be there, you are trespassing and you are likely to be arrested or escorted off property. You can always contact the cemetery property manager or owner to get written explicit permission to visit. Otherwise, stay out of the cemeteries at night.

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